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do you ever just

do u know how hard this was to deal with before i’d admitted to myself that i wasn’t 100% straight no exceptions?

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Most Adorable Prop Ever.  Sherlock’s Foot Fetish. 

We know it’s Sherlock’s sketch because it’s displayed in 221b before John ever moves in. It’s in ASiP and all episodes of S2. 

(There are bare Sherlock feet in ACD’s “The Sign of Four.”)

You people come up with the most unbelievable things. I cannot even recognise that sketch as anything let alone feet. *squints*

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What if Sherlock deduces John’s going to kiss him right before it happens and he doesn’t know what to do so he blurts some random facts about bees and “Adipocere formation is not a universal phenomenon during decomposition.” but John waits for him to finish, slowing invading Sherlock’s personal space, making him talk faster and faster, and kisses him when he’s run out of words and Sherlock is so stunned he doesn’t speak for a long time afterwards.

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very very very below average

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[Watch the entire video of tomska's Sex Talk here]
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some people were born today. hello babies welcome to the earth. you missed a bunch of stuff while you were busy not existing. jbiebs did some things you would not believe

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Click on the show you want to watch, then look on the right side to pick the episode. “FR” means dubbed, “VOST” means original version with subtitles.

You’re welcome.

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what if the files on Mary’s memory stick was just the all the Maltesers adverts

"Everything about who I was is on there"

And Jen from IT CROWD

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I recently reached 10,000 followers and (as promised) here’s my giveaway for you, my lovelies.

First things first, though: Thank you all so much for following me :)

Okay, here are the rules:

  • you must be following me
  • you can like/reblog as often as you want
  • if you are one of the winners you should be willing to share your full name and address with me
  • giveaway ends 1 May 2014
  • winners will be chosen randomly and there will be three winners (which means I will pack three boxes of goodies)
  • I will ship worldwide

Here’s what you can win:

  • A genuine Saami bracelet (like the one Benedict wears), black leather with silver threads
  • DVD - Boxset, Sherlock Series 1-3 (Region codes 2+4)
  • A ‘Keep calm and love Benedict Cumberbatch’ - mug
  • Sherlock t-shirt: ‘I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes’ (size L)
  • Paperback ‘Sherlock Holmes - His Last Vow’, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Sherlock t-shirt, black ‘When you eliminated the impossible …’ (size XL)
  • Sherlock t-shirt, white with Sherlock, John Watson and Moriarty cameos (size XL)
  • black pencils ‘Everybody, shut up!’

I keep my fingers crossed for you :)

EDIT: If this post reaches 10,000 notes, I’ll add a few little things to the giveaway …. :D

EDIT: Done!! And as there are so many notes there’s going to be four winners now! … So here we go:

I added:

  • Parade’s End DVD
  • Third Star DVD
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